5 reasons to get your butt to #ECMeetup

It is time for the annual #ECMeetup and I would be straight out lying if I said I was not excited. This little idea myself and Luchae  had over email three events ago, has exceeded our expectations since day one and it warms my heart that I get to be part of such a great initiative.

For those of you who have no idea what I am on about. The #ECMeetup is a networking event for bloggers and influencers in the Eastern Cape. It is a sister event to the Jhb, CT, and Dbn events and it is myself and Luchae’s pride and joy (apart from our kids, I only have one kids Lu has , I don’t know I lost count, hehe) We get together eat great food, often thanks to The Boma and The Plantation  and venue owners Sarah and Ralph Dirsuwei from Chasing the Rainbow  who have been gracious hosts for two (soon to be three) events now. So why should you come? Well one of our regulars, Ranique from Big Mouth Entertainment thinks it’s a must   Here are my own reasons:

  • It’s like social media in 4D you can see the people you follow IRL! And you can comment IRL (I think people call this conversations, not sure) . You can taste the food that will inevitably end up on Instagram and you can do it all without data. Yeah us!


  • The Boma’s chefs are AMAZING! Honestly they could boil you some water and you’d ask for the recipe! But in all honestly the food has never disappointed! Okay I was super disappointed that I was running my mouth at the last event and did not take full advantage of the pancake bar. (yes, pancake bar, that is how we roll)


  • We are inviting brands so you can actually meet the people who have been ignoring your emails. JUST KIDDING. But we have invited local (and not so local) businesses and PR professionals who are willing to chat to us and answer the question, “what do brands want from us bloggers/influencers” and we can answer their questions too, so win win.


  • It’s a end of year party for bloggers and brands in the Eastern Cape. Guys adulting is tough so it is great to unwind with people who GET IT! people who understand the appeal of taking pretty pictures of your scrambled eggs, and oversharing their lives and mostly #sharingthebay


  • We got’s you some prezzies. This is not the main meetup for the year, so we don’t have the bumper goodiebag we usually have, or do we? Lu and I have a few things in common; playing Santa is def one of those things so do come through … WE GOT YOU!!! also we have prizes although we were like, lets keep the prizes for the main meetup but then we were like IT”S CHRISTMAS DAMIT!

Do come on through if you are a blogger or an influencer or have a business and would love to learn more about working with local bloggers and influencers…deets below

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