Legacy of Love

The sad truth about love is that there is so much to go around, but not everyone gets their share.
This photo was taken when I felt most loved, just me and my boys, enveloped in love.
I’m glad Logan got his share of love in this world, he was adored from the moment we knew of his existence. Friends and family shared in our joy and bestowed so much love on him, so many hopes and dreams.
I’m not the only one who loved him so this pain is not mine alone, I’m closest to the “flame of grief” so my pain is most intense it radiates from inside and threatens to take my sanity. Rob is often so preoccupied with protecting me that he ignores the flames enveloping his own heart, but pain this personal is unrelenting and he has been burnt.
The closer people are to us and the bigger their anticipation of Logan’s life the closer they stand to the flame and the more intense the heat. Some have only heard the story, but the smoke has left its mark.
Unlike Rob and I they are not bound to the fire so they can move away while all we can do is cling to each other while we wait for the blaze to diminish.
Logan was/is such a loved child, his life inside me and his oh so brief life on earth was prayed over/celebrated/appreciated in every way. We live in a society where love for a child is not a given, its does not go without saying. Children and adults often have to go without knowing love and that saddens me.
I hope to always show love to those I care for, no one should go without being loved and no one should go without making an impact – Although I miss my son with an often selfish heart, I’m a proud mom because my son was loved and his short life mattered 🙂

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