Lil angels: Tay

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my 2-year-old “niece” Taylor the cutest little thing with the wildest imagination-she actually acts like she cant see, hear or speak if you “take” her eyes/ears/mouth and will continue the game until you give it back and she “replaces it” (surprised her mom let her hang out with Rob and I  again after we accidentally gave her too much sugar and had her running through the supermarket like a defective wind up toy calling out the names of random products). She is one of my five little angels (along with Kameron, Kirsten, Janice and Zoey) and can always cheer me up. So yesterday after she accused me of being the worst imaginary tennis player (I kept missing this ball that doesn’t exist) she comes up to me with one of the little denim gingerbread dolls I made her (yes I’m THAT nerdy) telling me “look the boy cant see” and when I asked her why not, she sweetly replied, “his eyes are in my mouth” so after making her spit them out and promise not to abuse the doll again I fixed it while she went around asking what every little thing in my room was. Rob then comes in and banging his head he says “fucken door” which was fine until Tay sweetly asks, “Fucken what?” we had our work cut out for us to try and divert that one (we might be off the baby sitting list again) but anyway she’s too cute even when she comes to you and says, “My bum is wet, change me” (she is potty trained, but wears diapers at night).
but hey I really love kids specially the kind who go back to mom when you are done playing đŸ˜‰

—– Fashion Friday coming up after lunch

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