Embrace your face

I don’t think anyone is truly happy with their looks,not 100% anyway.
I know stunning girls, working as models, who would love a little nip, tuck,inflate or deflate. On my own list of things to change (way before I cared about my weight) were my lips.

They were way too big (Angelina Jolie envy was not big when I was growing up and I read even she thought she resembled a muppet).

I felt my lips were too big, overpowering and ugly and no matter where or how I took a picture it always looked like 3/4 of my face was lips. I can be a bit of a drama queen, but I didn’t come to this conclusion by myself, I had many a mean school mate remind me as often as they could how odd looking I was.

Growing up although I mostly stopped caring what people thought, I was always looking for a way to look more average. Just a month or so ago I googled “how to make my lips look smaller” and google asked if I meant fuller or bigger, like wanting smaller lips was unheard of (kinda like boobs I guess, if you have big you want small and vice versa-but everyone assumes you want big) anyway google’s surprise at my displeasure at my dik lippe (thick lips for non-south africans) made me look at pictures of other pouty people and make a decision to think of them as full or pouty and one of my best assets.

It’s funny I always found quirky beautiful in others, but could never accept myself, that’s changed (well its a work in progress) and I think one of the best gifts you can give yourself is to embrace your face
My friend Sal did this collage of some of my poutier pics because, hey, big is beautiful (I added a pic of Robin because ironically he also grew up hating his lips while I think it’s really cute)

4 thoughts on “Embrace your face

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was putting my baby 2 bed for her aftrnoon nap, while laying nxt to her I checkd out my fb then came across ur embrace ur face…the next thing I knew she was awake n its 2hours later!!!! Ur blog kept me so busy didn't even feel tym passing by! wanneer kan ons I boek van jou verwag! As j I lewe nodg het…use mine,there's more than enough material 4 3books! Lol
    —mwah Ruth

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