How to make no-sew fabric loot bags

So what would make a sane human being make fabric  loot bags? I mean you can walk into any party store and buy plastic ones for a few bucks. You could use buckets or boxes and continue to live like someone with an actual job and an array of things to do.

BUT, I have set out to give Aidan a reduced waste eco-friendly party (as much as possible) and dammit that is what I am going to do.  So in come these reusable loot bags. They reduce waste considerably and act as a little take home too…WIN WIN, also they are no-sew so a third WIN for mommy.

So what do you need to make fabric loot bags?

  • material
  • scissors
  • fabric glue

How do we make these loot bags

  • Cut strips of material, based on the size you want the bag to be, remember you need to be able to fold it in half and fold a little closing flap
  • With the good side up put glue on a section of the material, this will be the flap, fold it over like in picture three
  • Now put glue on the long sides  of the material (good side up – don’t close flap) When tacky fold material over so that half of the flap is covered aswell – like in fifth picture
  • Leave to dry
  • Turn inside out and you are done

These fabric loot bags are EXTREMELY easy to make but a little tricky to explain. What we are trying to achieve is similar to envelope style cushion covers. The flap acts as a closure which works without buttons or Velcro. These bags worked out at around R4.50  each to make the material (which Aidan chose himself, based on “purple is the best colour in the world”)  was R20 a metre, which is more expensive than plastic packets BUT it’s much better for the environment and your guest can use it to hold anything from snacks to take along toys.

If anything is unclear, comment and I will explain as best I can. Also let me know what you think of these bags…A yeah or a nay? 

Ooooh if you look at the top picture and think, “well zip lock bags aren’t very eco-friendly”, I totally get that BUT the snacks are not for the party also these zip locks are heavy duty ones for school snacks, which Aidan brings home and we refill a bunch of times.



One thought on “How to make no-sew fabric loot bags

  1. Bianca Erasmus says:

    I will be making them for June exams 🙂 Going to try anyway! Will fill it with goodies for each of the kiddies, healthy of course. They need brain food and I like them.

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