Make-up must have… tutorial

Sometimes when you are not feeling your best (me the last couple of days) it helps to still try and look your best (take your own advice Eleanor!) my gran always believed that looking good was step one in feeling good, so it’s time to fake it till I feel it 😉

Today Ranique gives some advise on how to put your game face on… and what products you will need to make that face a pretty one, hehehe

As the New Year starts its a good time to check your make-up bag/kit…
You might have a few items that needs to be tossed away.
Yes make-up also has a expiry date!
So how do know how long you’ve had your favourite lip gloss?
If you don’t remember, you need to estimate and if you cant estimate, then try to check if your make-up smells funny or funky or off.
That’s usually also a cue for make-up to find a new home in the bin.

So now that you might have less make-up…
It’s time to get some new things!
But what to buy?
Now if you’re replacing your make-up,  your brushes should probably also make it’s way to the bin.
And this time you’re going to get exactly what you need.
There are 8 brushes you need to apply your make-up with ease.

Now that you have new brushes, you need fabulous make-up to match.
Clicks and Dischem has this amazing “mini kit” with everything you need!

It contains EVERYTHING you need!

Now if you’re someone who doesn’t wear make-up everyday,  this “mini kit” is a goid start.
You have 10 eyeshadow colour options to play around with.
2 blush options.
It retails at R279,99.
So it’s a real good saving too.
Being 6 months into motherhood has thought me to wear make-up the simple way.
Like Ella says, “Gloss and go!”
Sometimes I put in real effort and go all out with my make-up,  because I need to “carry my work” every now and then.
But other days it has to be “gloss and go!”
What’s so nice about this “mini kit” is that it has the gloss for simple days and the colour tòo for vava voom days!
But don’t fret if you’re a “Gloss and go!” girl, it’s simple…
The beauty lies in the simplicity.

You’ve got work to do….
Go chuck away the old and get with the new… It’s a fabulous way to start the New Year!
Now go shopping!

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