My new MUST try – Busy Bags

So I stumbled on something during one of my very many pinterest visits BUSY BAGS!!!!
Basically a busy bag is this little activity pack that you make and take along on doctors visits or when you go to the restaurant – which we certainly need with out little one.
This is definitely something I want to make and exchange (like I make a bunch of the same and swop with others who made different kinds.
 I spoke to some other moms about it and although most of them were like….naaaah too much work, why not just buy something….. I did get a few that are interested so pretty soon I will be having a busy bag exchange…whoop whoop….
Here are some cool busy bag ideas I found online: Some of them are a little above Aidan’s age but I intend to alter things and make it work πŸ™‚

great toddler and preschool games/ activities!! toddler β€œbusy bag” swap! Β« the rigneysBecoming Mummy: Busy Bag Ideas. felt pizza, writing skills, lacing, felt ring chain, sorting colors, sorting pictures, felt traffic light, fishing filcova pizza, trening psani, filcovy retez, trideni barev s kolicky, trideni obrazku a tvaru, filcovy semafor, rybareni

Velcro Sticks Busy Bags. Great idea for toddlers!

Toddler busy bag - sticks and stones - blue, pink and green on Etsy, $4.50

Wacky Sacks The only issue with us for these is that the eyes keep falling off. Some of my friends said their older kids (3+) have already broken and ripped these open. Maybe best for the very young crowd.

Felt fishing game.  Use metal washers or paper clips glued between pieces of felt.  Just make some kind of pole using stick, string and magnet.

10 Busy Bags I Want to Make

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