My talented friends…Nadine Rose Larter

I just finished a book by, Nadine Rose Larter, someone I’m very friendly with even though we met like 2 years ago in cyber space and in person only last weekend at her book launch.

The book Coffee at Little Angels is the first novel for PE based author whose fb and twitter updates have kept me feeling ok about not being 100% sane 🙂

So what I thought about the book:

Well firstly I’m glad to say, IT DID NOT SUCK! When I first got the book I thought, what if I found it annoying (as much as I love reading I often find books annoying and have tons of unfinished books on my book shelf) I worried about not enjoying it (because even though I thought she was smart and witty as a person that doesn’t guaranty her writing would be like that) So if it was bad and she asked me what I thought I’d have to smile and make noncommittal comments like, uhmmmm I love the cover, or the character names are nice, or I respect the fact that you wrote a book,didn’t read it,but the fact that you wrote it is something I respect.

So it came as a BIG relief that the book is actually pretty awesome!

It’s a light read, (finished it in 4 train trips) but it’s not some fluffy non-story, it’s heartbreaking and deep and tragic with a hint of humour. You find yourself relating to the characters and thinking ohhh that’s so like me or that is so like so and so.
The book is about highschool friends who lose one of the group years after they are no longer a group and is very relate able, prob because it’s inspired by a true story.
Well done Nadine!

However in the next book you need some more BEE main characters,this is SA after all 😉
[I’m even willing to be immortalised if you can make me sound like a super model ;)]


the author signing books

me with lana who did the illistrations, my hair only looks right after 11-dont judge

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