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This year on what would have been Logan’s 4th birthday another little boy was celebrated…Levi
His birth to friend and colleague, Catherine, and her husband Nick was a little bit of a turning point for me last year. Knowing how much they wanted this child and how blessed they all are to have each other somehow took some of the sting out of March 6. It’s a blessing on a day I’ve come to see as a curse. I like that, like a rainbow of sorts 🙂

Levi had the CUTEST Dr Seuss Birthday Party here is what Catherine has to say about their special day (also can we just have a moment for the green eggs and ham! LOVE!)…

Pictures by Rogue Photography

 Name and age of birthday boy

Levi, 1

How did you decide on a theme?
While I was on maternity leave, I was thinking about his first birthday party (talk about forward planning) and what kind of theme I would do. Growing up, I loved Dr Seuss books and I thought it would be fun to do something a bit old school and different. It also had the added bonus of having the traditional boy colours of blue and red in the theme. After some research I discovered Dr Seuss was born on March 2 (Levi was born on March 6) so it was meant to be J

DIY or shop bought?
A bit of both. Being a full time working mom, I knew I had to plan ahead. So  while I was on maternity leave I ordered a Dr Seuss themed party in a box from Pretty Things for You online and bought a few things from JA Florals. One of my best friends made the invitations, the godfather helped us make the Truffalo trees (from The Lorax) to put in the garden and you made the cat in the hat outfit we used for his picture for the party invite. It was a team effort.

Ginger Pops did the cake (it was a piece of art), the cat in the hat biscuits, Truffalo Tree cake pops and macarons. My mom in law did the green eggs and ham and I made the blue jelly cups with fish sweets in it (One Fish, two fish, three fish). We also had delicious cupcakes with cat in the hat and green eggs and ham toppers made by a PE woman Marita.
As thank you gifts, I bought books for the kids.

Any behind the scenes blunders?
Not really. We were just putting the final touches when guests started to arrive. It was also so hot so some of the food started to melt but by then the party was almost over. I would not do a smash cake again though. Levi was not interested so it was a waste of money.

What was best part of the day?
The best part was celebrating with close family and friends. We had a tough journey to fall pregnant so I really wanted to celebrate. I felt like the people who were there were genuinely sharing in our joy. Every day is a blessing with Levi though. I don’t take him for granted.

Quite proud to say that i made this hat and bowtie, hehehe

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