Mommy Moment Monday…Cringe worthy moments

Mother’s day yesterday reminded me that I know so many amazing moms, I decided to start a series called Mommy Moment Monday where I ask four mom’s a different question every Monday for four weeks…then change the moms, to show that we are not all that different after all and because it’s fun to hear what other moms go through

Starting off on a light note (and including myself) this week’s question

1. Tell us about the time kiddo made you cringe

Eleanor and Aidan

You know all about me already… 

Cringe: At a party he comes up to me and pleadingly asks me to change him
             “Please mommy, please change my bum” I was mortified, it sounded like              I was letting the kid walk around with a dirty nappy for days!!! when he
              had just that minute wet himself

Cindy and Imogen 

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I call her my princess, she calls me Mamma, Mommy, or Mu-um depending on her mood. Imogen is 5-years old and in Grade R. I am a single Mom, trying to climb the corporate ladder while my daughter keeps my feet firmly on the ground –  staying humble and grateful for being a Mom.

Cringe: She stuck a cooked carrot up her nose when she was about three years old because she wanted to be like Peter Rabbit, who happened to be doing the same thing on a picture on her lunch plate at the time. Her carer and I only noticed a smell coming from her nose a couple of days later. It took myself, a nurse and two doctors to hold Imogen down and get the now green carrot out of her nose. Cringing yet?

Luchae, Kyle and Karis

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Luchae blogs over at myspreadsheetbrain she has two kids with a 12 year age gap so says she feels like she is doing it all from scratch

Cringe: One day, while catching a lift with a friends uncle, my eldest (who was 7 at the time) asked the gentleman: “Uncle, why is your car so broken?” Major cringe moment! 

Zandile and Qawe

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Zandile is the mother of a rather precocious  4-year old

Cringe: There are many cringe moments with my little man, but the most recent one that is etched in my mind was when he told his teacher – IN MY PRESENCE (I reckon it would have been better if I weren’t there!) – that I like to drink lots of wine and fall asleep. While I like drinking wine, I don’t just pass out thereafter and the impression created was that I’m an alcoholic mom who drank herself into a stupor and neglected the child. I guess to the teachers, that explained the little forgotten things and unsigned books.

Ranique and Adam

I am a young Mom who thought I had everything covered until my boy Adam arrived. I read just about anything and everything about being Mommy, babies and everything else that goes along with the change of becoming a mom for a first time.
This accompanied by my mother’s upbringing and influence as an old school pediatric nurse.
I guess you can say i am a ” modern meets old school” mom…
Yes I roll out everything for Adam with a modern touch yet I tweek things here and there because let’s face it, some old wives tales are true but am learning as we go on.
Cringe: apart from keeping his mom out of sleep 11 month old Adam has not done much to cringe about YET 

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