My weekend and an almost instant smoothie recipe

Aidan LOVES stickers “stickies” I noticed he got a thrill from taking stickers off clothes and putting it on things
I bought him a sticker book and it’s been quite the hit 🙂
LOVE these by woolies, where were they when I was pregnant or breastfeeding
I can’t decide which one is my favourite….
This is how I saw Aidan most this weekend…uppy mama uppy ….think he realized work was about to get full time again
Went bowling with the in laws of Friday-here Robin’s brother Allan shows his daughter how to bowl
Allan happens to be Aidan’s Godfather
I love this pic 🙂
Aidan’s aunts, on the right it’s Allan’s wife Kim and on the left Robin’s sister Mandy
Me and Kamryn 🙂
Just chilling with a blow up pool, because we can 🙂
Seeing these two together is good for my heart
A little smoothie tip:
Freeze a banana and a handful of other fruit of your choice together in a container
When you want a smoothie just blend it with a glass of milk (the frozen banana makes sure it’s nice and thick)
I add a little fun sized yogurt (when I use soya milk) and am able to change the flavor by changing the yogurt
I do this every time I go grocery shopping (whatever fruit is on sale) and can whip up a smoothie or two with minimal effort 🙂

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