Face Friday: Blended Eyes

How to apply & blend eye shadow.


Hi Ladies, this where you can have so much fun. Experimenting with colour! Be fearless the possibilities are endless. Shall we?



Prep the eye area for eye shadow with concealer or an eyelid primer to even out dark circles forget your eye cream or gel before the concealer.



Apply a neutral nude or flesh tone colour eye shadow over entire lid of the eye. You can apply a bit under the bottom lashes for an open eye look.



Take your lightest shade in your pallet & apply halfway horizontally & up till your eye crease; starting at the outer corner of your eye.



Take any other medium shade in your pallet & apply it in the middle of your lower lid next to the lighter shade. Don’t worry if the 2 shadows overlap it will make blending much easier later.


Last step

Apply your darker shade in your pallet also lower lid but next to the middle shadow.


Now for Blending!

You need 2 brushes for this.1 to blend the 1st 2 shades & the 2nd 1 or even a earbud to blend the middle & last shade. Blending doesn’t necessarily mean to totally mix the colours together but to just soften the lines & make it neat.


Blend the darker colour on the outer corner slightly into the eye crease dragging it halfway across. Blend the same dark shade on the bottom lashes.


Now blend the lighter colour from the inner corner of your eye,dragging the brush up just under your bro.You can add more highlighter under the brow to give it more definition for a wide eye look.Blend the same shade till under the bottom lashes connecting it with the dark shade that you also blended on the bottom lashes on from the outer corner.


Complete your look with some mascara,a neutral blusher & nude lipstick or gloss to give it a smouldering day look.


Ladies start with your neutral nude shades if you are not that confident with blending & if you get that confidence by practicing my methods,y ou’ll be able to conquer any colour pallet! So practice, practice, practice Ladies. Have an awesome weekend.T ill next week mwah! 

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