Our #ecmeetup venue sponsor talks: favourite EC spots

So I told you guys how Luchae from My Spreadsheet brain and I decided that we were going to host the first EC Blogger Meetup (that we know of).

It was one of those, hey lets do this!!! things that kind of went out of control and before we knew it we were actually DOING THIS.

We have great speakers, awesome sponsors and an amazing venue! We even have a photographer on board who will be taking pictures of the event and has agreed to update our blogger’s social media profiles with  brand new headshots (our pleasure).

There are spot prizes and social media competitions and I’m feeling very grown up about helping to plan everything 🙂
I’ll go into detail with the other sponsors over the next few weeks but today I wanted to chat about our venue…
We will be at THE BOMA
Those familiar with the area knows that this is big! The Boma is one of the premier venues for  special celebrations in the region from  weddings and birthday parties to reunions and baby showers. So we are very lucky  that The Boma’s beautiful forest courtyardis at our disposal for the morning. 

Honestly, when fellow blogger Sarah Diruswei from Chasing The Rainbow, told us she would be willing to sponsor the venue, Luchae and I did our long forgotten “club scream”…you know the “whoop whoop” shake your butt thing moms used to do before they became respectable?
Luchae chats more about THE BOMA on her blog this morning while I wondered where someone who owned such a magical place would hang out…
I didn’t have to wonder too long as co-owner of The Plantation and The BomaSarah actually writes a hugely popular blog (I might have mentioned this), where she and her boys ; husband Ralph, and sons Jacob, Luke and Cian travel the country and document their exploits.

She recently wrote a post on their 6 favEC weekend getaways so do check it out especially if you are coming from out of town for the event and want to make a weekend out of it.

There is still time for you to register for our 2016 #ecmeetup. For more information or to book, please contact Luchae or myself. Seats are limited. We can’t wait to meet up with you guys!

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