South African books you didn’t know you needed…

A while back I did a post on South African books you need to get for your kids. This time around I thought I’d share the South African books that caught my attention in the last few months.

It’s been a while since I’ve been this obsessed with the books I’m reading. Walking around like a modern day Belle from Beauty and the Beast with my nose in a book and my head in the clouds. I’ve always been a reader but found that recently I could not concentrate for the duration of some people’s Facebook statuses. So I’m rather happy to be devouring books again.

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The story behind my tattoos

So when it comes to tattoos I find that you get two kinds of people, those who don’t want you enquiring about their ink because it’s deeply personal and others who love to share… Guess which one my oversharing behind is…

Now that I’ve gone over the “just one Lil tattoo” mark. I thought I’d answer a question I get asked alot… Right after when are you having another kid and when are you straightening your hair again (Neither of which gets a favorable results) and that is, what’s the story behind your tattoos.

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Why I avoid social media on Sundays

It probably sounds rather odd for a blogger who works as a social media manager to avoid social media on any day, but recently it has become a bit of a necessity.

I found myself getting a little too attached to my phone and since I don’t have any deadlines on a Sunday I decided it was the best day to avoid social media and the whole experiment has been rather interesting.

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Reasons to attend the PEople’s Port Festival.

So on Saturday, 1 December, my family and I will be heading off to the PEople’s Port Festival (it is actually over two days). I know I often share posts from the actual events we attend, but this time around I thought I would give you guys a heads up, so you plan ahead and join us…

I have three main reasons for attending the PEople’s Port Festival (and free entry – it’s free to attend, people -isn’t even on the list)

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