Healing Within: how a massage and a coaching session changed my outlook

I recently paid a visit to Healing Within, a quant little venue occupied by a massage therapist (Annie)  and a therapeutic life coach (Nafeesa) , and I’m here to tell you, that it’s what you never knew you needed.

I received a 1tovi scan and reading and a 30minute massage, but more than that , my hippie heart is very glad to report that Annie and Nafeesa give me all kind of good vibes.

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Zimpli Kids slime review

Would your kids jump at the idea of being covered in slime or jelly? Mine too for some unknown reason, and the idea is not as outlandish as I thought.

Zimpli kids asked me if I’d be keen to slime my kids (Aidan and his cousins) and I agreed to it because I am a liker of things, who likes to share opinions with you guys. We tried out two different “turn you bath into slime” kits and I’m here with the slimey tea.

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