Our MyKi watch experience

We recently tested out a MyKi watch and I have some thoughts. Firstly this was not a sponsored post,  I was just chatting to the PR person running the MyKi watch campaign , saying that although I liked the concept,  I was not sure it would work for Aidan and she said, “hey test it out for two weeks and see what you think”…

So here is what I thought.

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A Christmas Gift from the Letter lady (win win win)

I came across the Letter lady on facebook (Do you ever go out and meet people in real life? Do you Eleanor?) I was so impressed with their products that I simply had to ask Janine van Loggerenberg if she would join in on my Christmas giveaway. She said yes because who says no to me? (many more people than I’d like actually) She actually said yes because she likes spreading Christmas joy and I am so glad to have her on board.


Before I tell you all about her, just a reminder of how this competition works…I am filling bag at home with Stocking Stuffers. I will announce a new addition to the competition every Tuesday and Thursday and at the end of the run (first week in December) someone will win the  whole package…Back to how you can win a Elf door for your little one

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Painful Mondays: Step one in lazy girl fitness

What is this lazy girl fitness? Well today I sit at my desk with sore muscles and tingly skin, the kind of tingly that says, You ALMOST messed up with the sun block application missy.

For the last  five or so weeks this has been me on a Monday and I realise I might have stumbled on a lazy girl fitness strategy, I’ve upped my activity level on weekends in a bid to spend more time outside with my boys, and I think I might be “accidentally” getting fitter.

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Kids yoga at bedtime… the miracle you were hoping for?

Kids yoga is a thing in our house. I don’t know when it started, I think Aidan saw me doing some physio prescribed stretches (two emergency vertical c-sections and bye bye core muscles) and wanted to join in. The rest is history and it has become a bit of a mom and me thing. We have coordinating yoga mats and do stretches before bedtime.

kids yoga

My Yogi friend (I have these things, I am hella fancy) Marilize from Little Lotus Kids Yoga has alerted me to the fact that the poses I chose could be giving him energy instead of relaxing him!!!! REALLY?! figures!!! So she shared these bedtime kids yoga poses with us because she rocks and perhaps we get to sleep soon.

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Win kids yoga lessons for your “little lotus”

Today’s prize is a month of kids yoga lessons because much like the owner of Little Lotus Kids Yoga Studio, Marilize Roza, I love kids and yoga (both in moderation for me, clearly)

We have had a collab in the woodwork for ages and when my competition came up we decided to do a double wammy. Not only can you win a month’s yoga lessons for your child with today’s post, tomorrow she will be sharing tips on how yoga can help you get your kids into bed…

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