Are you happy with the level of racial integration in your child’s life?

I was reading this blog post. It’s a very controversial post. So I won’t go into depth with it because there is pending litigation and it’s also been taken offline.

My thing with this blog post (which is not why it was taken off) is the mention of a white mom admitting her son had never seen three people of colour in a car together (I can’t go check the post now) but I seem to remember it being three people who worked for them, they were in a car together and it sparked this conversation with her kid.

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Easy black bean fritters

I made black bean fritters which might lead you to ask… “so are you turning everything into a fritter these days?” the answer is yes, I sort of am.

I’ve been working from home and “home schooling”, and quite frankly vegetable fritters are quick, easy, filling and are better than processed lunch alternatives in my opinion.

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Talking about sexuality with your kids… Why, how and when

The death of acclaimed dancer and lgbtiq+ activist Kirvan Fortuin by the hands of a 14-year-old, during pride month, threw me for a loop. And when allegations of homophobia came out as a motive to murder I struggled with the notion. Surely a 14-year-old couldn’t harbor do much hate, could they? It got me thinking about homosexuality and homophobia and whether or not we should be addressing it with our kids.

I’ve mentioned how I chat about social issues like homophobia with my son. But after the death of Kirvan Fortuin (a death that is still under investigation) I wanted to be very careful of straightsplaining the situation. So I called in a couple who are lgbtq+ activists in their own right, the award winning bloggers behind two dads and a kid.

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