Is BLM naturals curl hydrate pudding worth the hype

I finally got my hands on BLM naturals curl hydrate pudding!!! Following me buying the wrong product but falling inlove with BLM naturals anyway.

Funny thing, I finally got my hands on the BLM naturals curl hydrate pudding on the sale shelf at PnP, this is months after it being sold out whenever I looked for it. Like I couldn’t find it for months because it was so popular, now PnP was like here take the BLM naturals curl hydrate pudding for half price because our customers don’t know about these things…

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How to make a pinwheel photo prop

I made a pinwheel photo prop. Why? well, I have no real use for it, BUT, I was asked to join in with the coolest collab ever. I was asked to join The Int’l Bloggers Club Challenge by my local craft crush Michelle from A Crafty Mix. This is a group of international craft bloggers who choose a different theme every month, they are so awesome and I was sort of intimidated to join in, but hey it looks like I didn’t do too bad.
 pinwheel photo prop
 This month’s theme is paper sooooo in comes the pinwheel photo prop, tutorial below:

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How to sew an easy zip up document pouch (Ella vs Ali)

Before I show you how to make an easy zip up document pouch, let me explain the Ella vs Ali part. If you follow me on Instagram (you totally should) you will know that I have started a challenge with fellow crafty momma Ali, from Earth to Ali. Every month until the end of the year we will be challenging each other to create something and you guys can see who completed the task the best…this month was Spring themed and we had to make something using scrap material, which we both have tons of (we could only use half a meter though)

easy zip up document pouch

We had asked our followers on our  instastories to weigh in and tell us  if they wanted us to do practical or decorative and while Ali’s followers opted for decorative , mine wanted practical…. so in comes this easy zip up document pouch…

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What’s this FitChef thing I’ve been on about?

If you follow me on social media then: A. You would have noticed me mention FitChef a lot recently B. You would rock for following me on social media.

So I thought I would share my first impressions on FitChef because people have been asking me (comments, DMs, emails) I will revert back in a week or so for my formal review, so look out for that, but for now I answer your questions.

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10 African children’s books you need to see

So why do I have 10 African children’s books in the first place, well, firstly I am African, and secondly I won an awesome prize earlier this year. A Read Aloud Magic Box set aimed at encouraging reading aloud in the home and in the classroom. Our set is for kids aged between 4 and 7 and included 12 beautifully designed books filled with adventure-filled stories set in Africa.

These African children’s books are available for purchase separately and I simply had to share our favourites…

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The anxiety bandwagon and social hangovers

I suffer from depression and anxiety and today I have a social hangover… It’s a thing, Google it. It’s the exhaustion, the dehydration, the lack of energy that comes from a night of binge drinking, only you didn’t drink you just spent too much time socializing.

My reluctance to get out of bed prompted this blog post because I realise how crazy it might seem to someone who does not quite get it.

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