Tips for a more organised week (Win Stabilo Boss)

I might not come across as the most organised person in the world, I have an arty farty air about me, and that’s cool, but truth be told, I am very organised. I have to be, otherwise I would not be able to work in an office more than half the week, while blogging daily, hosting events and freelance writing, there would also be zero time for crafting. Also throw in the mom and wife things and living almost an hour from the office, and you best believe my time management skills are almost on par with my sarcasm skills.

more organised

Most of my life organisation happens on a Sunday afternoon and these five tips have been a game changer… (PS. Stabilo highlighters and coloured pens really help and you can win a set to keep you organised and crafty…enter below)

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I’m looking for book reviewers…

I have a few books that need reviewing, BUT I want it done in a book club style with more than one opinion (mine plus yours maybe?)  so if you are game drop me a line and we can book club together…I have two of each book.

The books in question are Christian based books which are on my to-read list for the near future. I’ve collected a few books from Christian Art Media and due to the fact that I have not had any me time in a while, they have started to pile up…I am however giving myself screen free book time every night now so it is on guys: Pick a book and drop me a line 🙂

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How smart is your washing machine? (LG Smart Inverter review)

LG sent me a washing machine because my prayers for a new fridge must have been auto corrected (hehehe, joking, not joking). But in all honesty, when they asked me if I wanted to review the new Sapience Top Loader with Smart Inverter two things went through my mind.

1. MAMMA I MADE IT!!! LG knows who I am

2. How does one even test out a washing machine?

The machine arrived and it is stunning! good thing it’s stunning since my 15kg machine takes up most of the space in my kitchen…so as the newly elected centerpiece of the room I’m glad that I opted for the silver machine with its beautiful display and glass lid. It’s pretty streamlined, I just have a small kitchen and it’s replacing a tiny “three pairs of pants at a time” machine so the size difference is noticeable.

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How cancer changed the hair game (Roots series)

Today I start a new hair series on my blog. The curly countdown was fun BUT I wanted to know what going natural meant to people…Erykah Badu says “I’m not my hair” be that as it ma (I’m actually less stubborn than mine) it plays into how people perceive you, like it or not. So I’m starting the series with the newest nati in our family. My cousin Nicole who as long as I can remember had her hair “taken care of” by stylists and looking sleek and fabulous…but things done changed

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