What your new and expectant mom friend really wants (and a Happy Event Prize)

Happy Event sent me the cutest mother’s day present, it was also signed by my celeb girl crush Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp, their new brand ambassador (Coincidentaly my mom loves her too) I’m not big into celebdom but my mom and I love what this woman stands for and act like we are long lost friends “Eleanor, Elana is on tonight hey”, “Did you see that new Elana show (who cares that there are other people in the show”  anyway although I am very unpregnant and intend to stay that way, I was super keen on the gift and on the fact that I get to give a hamper to one of my readers.
I love the smell of Happy Event products like I may or may not have sniffed it a couple of times (I totally did) and it brought back memories to my pregnancies and my days as a new mom so I thought, I would share what I think new and expectant moms really want as gifts.

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What’s the deal with the Rhino Coin Bank

Recently you might have noticed me share pictures of a Rhino Coin Bank on my social media. If you wondered what the deal was with this, not so plush, plush… it’s simple. This toy rhino is the relaunch or a very successful project that ran a while back, using a simple toy to raise funds for orphaned rhinos

Prima Toys sent it my way and as  I have some earth child, hippie tendencies,  it got my attention. I immediately thought that this toy would be an ideal way to give a gift to a child (R199 is round about the birthday gift standard?) and also do something for the rhino who desperately need our help.

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