GQ has a big new Mambos and I’m here for it

I have always been a fan of Mambos, but which craft and storage fan isn’t? So I’m very excited to say that a new, bigger and better store is opening in  Walmer,  Gqebera.

Here’s what you can expect

Storage Solutions 

Mambos have always been famous for their stylish storage solutions, tubs and shelves and containers here I come.

Kitchen Things

You guys know my brand is like 50% food now so can you imagine the excitement. I’m so desperate for new kiting things I was toying with the idea of having a kitchen tea themed birthday party!  Here I can now get fancy pots, non-stick pans and gadgets! Here for the gadgets!

Kids things

From party supplies to lunch boxes there is so much you can get for your littlies here and at such affordable prices. The educational toys from here have always been such a win in my books.


Not going to lie, I never associated Mambos with decor but now they have so many things to choose from. Scatter pillows, art and decor, it is about to get cute around here!

Play away

Stimulate enquiring little minds with our large array of educational toys and a range of fun party tricks that will tickle young and old. Including a helium balloon bar!


Did you guys know Mambos have furniture? Have I been living under an unfurnished rock? I’m told modern, functional and stylish, furniture is just waiting to enhance your outdoor space.

Arts and Crafts

This is the real reason I am so excited. Art supplies are so pricey! But also they are a part of my every day so affordable options are key!

Business things

For those with small businesses and side hustles, they have great bulk deals on catering equipment that make perfect business sense for foodie professionals.

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