Peanut butter banana yogurt treats

I know I’ve been awol, but it’s with good reason, things are a changing up in these parts (cowboy impression) in fact, plan: becoming a WAHM is in full swing  – but more about that when all my ducks are in a more stable row.

Meanwhile my peanut butter loving bestie came up with another fun recipe idea for us…

Yummy yummy grab them straight out of the freezer!

Frozen yogurt topped anything is a win in my book
You need bananas, peanut butter and yogurt – For those of us with sugar related issues just substitute with insulin friendly brands
Cut the banana – Cut mine like this and freeze to add to smoothies 2 (just saying)
put peanut butter on half – any nut butter would work (Nutella counts right?) or skip this step
Make mini banana nut sarmies
Spoon yogurt over and freeze . . .  YUM!!!

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