Button Bracelet-The How To

Want to learn to make a button bracelet? Since I have a button obsession, I assume everyone else does to so here’s how to make a bracelet with a bunch of buttons and some string…

button bracelet

As with most of the things I make… It’s a pretty easy project.

And with a change in the size of buttons, amount or colour you can truly make it your own, here is how to:

What you will need:

Buttons of your choice
String/leather strap/coated embroiders cotton/yarn (something to string buttons on to)

How to make the button bracelet:

– Cut a piece of string (when folded double it should be able to go around your arm twice-better longer than shorter)
– Choose your buttons (this is probably toughest part, you need buttons with four holes big enough for your string and that go together)
– Fold string in half and tie off a loop (second pic)
– Start “sewing on” buttons (you use one side of sting and put through hole on left and other string on right then cross over and stick back into opposite sides (pictures four and five show how button should look attached)
– Add buttons with space of your choice in between
– When happy with the length tie double knot on the back of the last button (picture six) cut off extra string
– The loop acts as a clasp, if you put it over last button….

*Feel free to message me if anything is unclear – Happy Crafting

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