Cinnamon sugar scrub…(the how to)

It’s sugar scrub season, well Winter means dry skin… I’m sure that’s not just me, right?
I often turn to home made scrubs to help with this chalk board legs situation and it works, here is how to make your own.


sugar scrub

This is a simple scrub that you can play with and change scents to your specifications, it’s great on the skin and this specific one, has anti-inflammatory properties (cinnamon) and smells like pancakes, yum yum

This also makes a great gift

What you need:
Oil of your choice, I used coconut mixed with a little olive oil (Coconut oil is solid when cold so either heat a little or whip, the olive helps it not turn into a sugar block)
Brown Sugar

As a general rule I go with one part oil to two parts sugar
If you are using an essential oil a drop is usually enough but for cinnamon I opted for a teaspoon (your nose will let you know if you are getting a little too generous)
Just mix your ingredients in a bowl
pack in an airtight container
and add a label to be cute

*You can use olive oil, vitaminE oil, macadamia nut oil, Β the choices are endless really
The same with the sugar, it doesn’t have to be brown sugar, in fact salt works just as well

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