Brag book: Not a baby anymore

So last night Aidan was sitting in the corner with his favourite truck making “car noises” as he pushed it up and down and you know what? I cried!!!
Maybe it’s because Logan was due early June or because Aidan is growing so fast or even more likely, because I’m certifiable…. regardless of the reason, the result was tears.
He walks now, all over the show…a vast improvement from THIS VIDEO but JUST as cute.  He is rapidly approaching (might have arrived and I’m just in denial) that “not a baby any more” stage and I’m all torn up about it.
 I’m proud as heck don’t get me wrong;  He toddles over to the bathroom when we tell him it’s time to brush his teeth and insists on sharing his bottle with  SCOUT (a teddy that is personalised with Aidan’s name and favourite things and which interacts with him) he can even press the buttons and make Scout sing and talk without my help.
He will pick up a crayon/pen/a stick even  and ask for a page (pashe). He believes all balls need to be kicked and that he can argue his way out of a disagreement.
ME: “Aidan get away from the fridge”
HIM: “mama don’t *words I don’t understand* *various hand gestures* no don’t” and then opens fridge.
He is strong willed and  no longer wants to be carried (us walking people don’t do that – unless we are tired then mom isn’t allowed to put us down).
He thinks outside the box this kid, like when I asked him a couple of months ago where the light is and was concerned that unlike other kids he didn’t point at the light, he pointed at the wall, but pretty soon I realised what he was pointing at was the light switch.
Or just last night when I asked him to “Show daddy how Scout sings” expecting him to press the teddy’s hand and get it to sing, but instead I was met with Aidan “showing how Scout sings” by mimicking what the teddy did earlier, and breaking out in song himself.
He is such a joy and I love watching him grow, but I won’t lie . . . sometimes, just sometimes I miss baby Aidan

2 thoughts on “Brag book: Not a baby anymore

  1. Heather says:

    Ah my babe is also a toddler now… just makes me broody for another one… mine is also so strong willed he doesn't like holding hands now when we walk!

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