Sewing kit in a jar (DIY)

It occurs to me this morning that I never did part two in my DIY Gift Post, uhmmmm so here is is, better late than never hey? It;s crazy easy!

This is how to make a sewing kit in a jar 🙂

What you need:

Apart from the Jar, you will need a basic sewing kit and felt 🙂
These are are every grocery store..

What you do:

Measure and cut felt to go around bottle,
I added a little heart just because it is so darn cute
The felt acts as a pin cushion as well as a place to put your scissors

Glue the felt down, leaving space to shove scissors in

Glue the needle holder to the top of the jar
Fill the jar with everything else from the kit, usually just cotton and a measuring tape
put scissors through the felt loop and ENJOY 🙂

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