Showers of blessings

We have been very blessed with gifts and help from family and friends, blown away by the generosity really…
Apart from a shower hosted by my friends at work, I had two others one in PE where we work and most of our friends live and one in UTH where we live along with “my side of the family” and friends from school days ๐Ÿ™‚
The party in PE hosted by good friend/fellow blogger and blog contributor, Sal…had a travel theme (that girl is a walking pinterest board) the party was made even more special by fact that Sal really went out of her way despite it being a difficult time for her (nothing like a friend being selfless to make u feel soooo lucky) all the guests at the party really warmed my heart too by braving one of the worst storms in ages to celebrate with me! Seriously we practically had to swim there!
Then 2 weeks ago my family hosted a rainbow themed baby shower for me, in my own garden actually, talk about subtle,hehe…Rob and I rocked up in the middle of them setting up, but it still ended up being great…

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who are already playing a part in Aidan’s life, I feel soooooooooooo blessed to know you all *hugs*

Added pics, don’t have official ones from Transport party yet, but you get general idea . . .
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