So how are things?

I’m not trying to be a downer, not at all,but a thought occurred to me and I wanted to post it.
People often ask how you are and we all know the answer they are looking for is “fine”
But sometimes you just want to say, “It could be better and quite frankly it could be worse”
That is the thought that hit me, IT COULD BE WORSE
My grief had me feeling like NOTHING could be worse than losing my newborn, then Robin took a sleeping tablet and he slept so soundly that I thought he died. If he died THAT would be worse, Logan + Robin dead? Heaven forbid!
My dad has a fairly dangerous job and If I think about losing him or my mom, THAT would be worse; Logan+Robin+Parents = unthinkable
I watched the movie Charlie St Cloud and thought I could lose my siblings, add losing them and THAT would be worse.
I could lose my health, family, friends, job, belongings, there is truly so many ways pain can be magnified, you can loose so much.
That’s not a good way of thinking though, no use in focusing on the bad in life, because you will most likely stop living and just wait around for the next disaster to hit.
I know so many amazing people who are living with so much heartache, but get up and go everyday, they inspire me.
They remind me, every moment is TRULY precious.
You have to live every moment to the fullest, because if we are going to take the pessimist view, THIS could be the best it’s gonna be… Well it could get better, much better, but truth be told, this moment right here is the only thing we have guarantees for so don’t let it pass un appreciated!

In three words I can sum up every-
thing I’ve learned about life.
It goes on.  ~Robert Frost

One thought on “So how are things?

  1. Luchae Gie says:

    Reading your blog makes me sad… but also makes me think and reflect and count my blessings. Thank you for sharing. "Dont stop till you get enough" – Michael Jackson (haha sorry for that.. i had to, i just had to)

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