Play Dough kits FTW!

Aidan loves play dough! as you can see:

 I quite love it myself, it’s such an awesome learning tool and has become one of my favourite gifts to give…I create little kits and so far it has been quite the hit… Using this RECIPE  I make play dough and package it with whatever I think the one receiving the gift might like, here are three kits I made over Christmas 🙂


I used a double-decker lunch box to store his play dough and a little fire engine box to store the bits and pieces
A baking set (around R30 from crazy stores)
 and two soap dishes (R1 each, I kid you not) full of buttons and things to stick on


I added popsicle sticks and paint stamps which make great dough embossers

The soap dishes became mini nature and  monster kits… Because he loves bugs and monsters
Monster kit: Googly eyes, hands and feet buttons
Nature kit: Mini bugs, tree and flower buttons
Just printed out pictures for the top and stuck on with contact plastic – and there you go


For two special little girls:

My friend’s daughters LOVE play dough and according to her played with the play dough from Aidan’s party till the dough just could not anymore, hehehe. I used the same double-decker lunch boxes for them (mine currently holds a salad in the fridge) and filled the top with play dough and the bottom with craft supplies; sticks, pompoms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners … and they LOVED it 🙂 I stuck their initials on their containers because who doesn’t love personalised things.

For Aidan’s cousin Kammy:

As an addition to the gifts we bought as Kammy’s Christmas gift I decided to add some play dough.
I took a tub which used to contain food, chicken livers to be exact, hehe, and used pretty scrapbooking paper and a sparkly flower to decorate the top. I added three different colours of play dough and a little butterfly cookie cutter to make one girl’s day. She actually played with this way before the store bought gifts.

I will probably be making way more kits, I might have a problem 🙂

5 thoughts on “Play Dough kits FTW!

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