Super easy stocking fillers

If you are like me and prefer making things as stocking fillers instead of venturing into the world of December shopping mayhem, you will love the following DIYs they take like NO time and provide tons of fun for the little ones… I should know as my little one discovered his before I got a chance to stick it in his stocking and he has been loving it:

Minion Lacing Toy 
and Velcro Sticks

What you need:
– Laminated picture (This was one half of a birthday card…waste not want not)
– Rope of Shoe lace (I started craft with rope but found shoelace worked waaay better)
– Paper Punch
What you do:
– Punch holes around picture 
– Yes you are done now… give to child to lace around the picture
…Aidan LOVES these and calls it his sticky stickies
What you need:
– Popsicle sticks
– Velcro
– glue (used wood glue but next time I’m using a glue gun)
What you do:
– Cut Velcro into little blocks (You get pre-cut, but the roll was R5 a metre so I went with that)
– Stick the fluffy side on one side of the stick and the sticky side on the other (very technical terms I know)
– Turn stick around and do the same… so one end of the stick has two fluffy pieces and other end has two sticky pieces
– You are done
– Store in one of the bags you made using THIS tutorial

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