T-shirt crafts: A paw print snood for Aidy and a toy for his cat

With winter here I have been looking for a scarf for Aidan, but since I have met him I knew a run of the mill one wouldn’t do. Give him two seconds before he pulls it off or worse he chokes himself with it while playing, this is were an infinity scarf/snood comes in handy….it’s secure and light enough that he wouldn’t tug on it.

You can make your own no sew  infinity scarf/snood using nothing but an old t-shirt and some fabric paint…here is what I did

What you need:

A old t-shirt, fabric paint and a picture you would like to transfer- I used paw prints

What you do:

1. Cut a strip of fabric from t-shirt by removing bottom seam and part with sleeves…you might want to make it thin if it is for a toddler.
2. Use fabric paint to draw on your printed paper
3. Place paper on fabric and weigh down with a book
4. The prints should have transferred, you can always fill in parts that are lighter
5. and there you have it, it is THAT easy

For Aidan’s Cat 

I made toy using another old t-shirt 

The how to:

Like with the snood cut a strip of fabric by removing top part (with sleeves) and bottom (with seam)
This strip is considerably wider though
Then cut thin strips half way up so you are left with a piece of material with fringing on both sides (picture 3)
Then use all the offcuts and stuff into the uncut piece of material and tie off….lastly paint on a cute little face
* Feel free to ask in comments if anything is unclear 🙂 

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