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I have found out about an awesome book, chronicling a mother and daughter crafting team. The book itself is handmade, covered in purple fabric with foil stamping with sewn sides…
The book is in it’s final stages and if they get all the support they need HERE in the next 9 days all backers receive a copy of the book, stickers, social media badges and even a letter from the books heroin Kiley.

This is what the creators have to say about the project:

On May 19th, OSAAT Entertainment, a family-owned publishing company creating a 
buzz in modern literature, has enlisted the help of Kickstarter to crowdfund the production of their 
handcrafted, one-of-a-kind children’s story, Kiley’s Purple Hat written by Jaxon Barnes and illustrated by Nathalie Beauvois.
Kiley’s Purple Hat, a beginning reader picture book that encourages self-esteem, creativity and spending quality time with family, will be available for purchase this coming holiday season. The story introduces us to Kiley, a young girl who falls in love with colours, textures and the possibilities of creating something with her own hands. After an eye-opening visit to a fabric store and with the help of her mother, Kiley creates the purple hat she had imagined and painted. The handmade collector’s edition makes an excellent gift 
for little artists and their families and a digital format will also be available for Kindle and iPad.
Through the Kickstarter campaign, OSAAT Entertainment seeks to enter the final stage of production for an on-time holiday delivery of the handmade, Singer side-sewn, fabric-covered book. By paying great attention to the details of the production, OSAAT Entertainment hopes to restore the lost art of storytelling and family story time, providing a product that can be passed down for generations to come.
Kiley's Purple Hat, available in print and digital

I got the chance to speak to the creators myself and this is what they had to say…

– What is the concept behind the book?
Spending time with your kids, encouraging them to do what they love.

– How did idea come about?

The author, Jaxon Barnes, is an avid reader and her love for pictures books inspired her to write Kiley’s Purple Hat.

– Who are the creators?

Author Jaxon Barnes – A fashionista at hear and experienced jewelry designer. 
Illustrator Nathalie Beauvois – specializes in illustrating children, women and fashion.
Publisher OSAAT Entertainment – family-owned publishing house with a mission to create entertaining print and digital books, one story at a time.

– Why did you chose the hand made feel of the book?

The mother and the daughter are really into fashion and we wanted a really fashionable book.

– What is the kickstarter program?
Kickstarter is a way to fund creative projects. Creative individuals and small business owners can showcase their projects in areas of films, games, music, art, design and technology. Kickstarter helps projects come to life through direct support of people like you. 

– How can people get their hands on the book?

Right now, we are in the final stage of production for the book. 

If people support the project on Kickstarter and we reach our funding goal, you will receive a copy of the printed book, stickers, social media badges and a letter from Kiley. 

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