Adulting at the Boardwalk Hotel

I’m no stranger to the Boardwalk complex, it’s probably the safest evening outdoor hangout in the Bay (with it’s bright lights and around the clock security) and since it has something for all ages, I have spent many a day there.

When I was younger it would be where my family; uncles, aunts and cousins all met up because there is something for every age group, some would go to the game arcade, others would go bowling and the food court meant we didn’t fight about where to eat. PERFECT.

After Aidan was born it became one of our favourite family hang outs, with family friendly festivals, concerts and a son who loves the game arcade it has been pretty convenient.

This weekend was different though, this weekend Rob and I ditched the “family friendly, tiny ice-cream stained hands tugging at my dress” side of the boardwalk and properly ADULTED.

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