Reconnecting with a NMB Pass

So I’m dating again, no I haven’t left the husband…why would I leave someone who puts up with me and cooks?! No Rob and I have decided it’s time we started dating again.

looking for these fit people last seen before the birth of a cute little boy

We will be married seven years in December and despite our best intentions it seems we have stopped being “us”.

Having a child has resulted in every conversation or trip being angled around our son, restaurants are chosen by comparing play rooms and outings planned around naps and changing facilities.

Don’t get me wrong he is the biggest blessing, but I think we need some “us” time.
I don’t want to look over at Rob the day Aidan moves out and have to introduce myself; “Hi there, I believe we may have met before, I’m Aidan’s mom”.

To facilitate this we got a couple of NMB passes (for some reason it reminds me of those giant cartoon keys people get for saving a town, pass to the city anyone) for R450 we get these cool swipe cards which allows us to choose five activities from a list of everything from game drives to massages. We have three months to use the passes, this gives us loads of time to organise baby sitters and the likes.

Rob suggested going diving as the pass gives you a discover scuba or refresher diving course including ocean dive, equipment rental, transfers to and from dive location with Ocean Divers International. The problem with this is that, since I went on an exertion to release a seal back into the wild earlier this year and got violently ill in front of the camera crew I’m not too keen on water related activities. Which means the surf lessons at Oceanside Surf Store is also not my first option. Chances are we will start with the zip line experience at Adrenaline Addo as it takes us back to when our activities included hiking and sand boarding (which you can do on the pass btw) and not just wiping faces and chasing down toys.

We also definitely considering the gourmet picnic at Thunzi Bush Lodge and going on a game drive at one of over ten other game lodges, most of which include lunch or a snack.

There are actually quite a few options to choose from some completely “free” with the pass like horse riding, tours and access to a bunch of museums (which my History channel addict husband would probably love) there are also tons of discounts on things like accommodation and car rental and you can even get a complementary 30 minute flotation pool therapy session for each massage booked and 15% discount on all massages at Camelot spa.

There are also unlimited itinerary passes valid for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, and 7 days depending on the period you want to purchase it for, which is quite awesome.
We haven’t decided what exactly it is we are doing, but this way there is at least one really fun thing to do a month for the next three months and we have two more where we can bring the kiddo… I think the Homeliegh farm with lunch for us and for the animals or maybe mini golf?

I will be reviewing the excursions on the NMB Blog so please look out for that and for more information on the NMB PASS go here

*Received passes for review

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