Adulting at the Boardwalk Hotel

I’m no stranger to the Boardwalk complex, it’s probably the safest evening outdoor hangout in the Bay (with it’s bright lights and around the clock security) and since it has something for all ages, I have spent many a day there.

When I was younger it would be where my family; uncles, aunts and cousins all met up because there is something for every age group, some would go to the game arcade, others would go bowling and the food court meant we didn’t fight about where to eat. PERFECT.

After Aidan was born it became one of our favourite family hang outs, with family friendly festivals, concerts and a son who loves the game arcade it has been pretty convenient.

This weekend was different though, this weekend Rob and I ditched the “family friendly, tiny ice-cream stained hands tugging at my dress” side of the boardwalk and properly ADULTED.

We booked into the Sun International Boardwalk Hotel and first and foremost I took a bath.
I’m not usually a fan of bathing BUT the claw foot bath was calling to me!
It was also a pretty big bonus that I didn’t have a pint sized dictator summoning  me from outside the bathroom door and I didn’t have to navigate my way through water guns and rubber duckies.

Rob was so occupied with the internet TV he forgot about me and I almost fell asleep in the bath, I swear (I’m not used to silence).
We headed off to the Pool Bar next. It’s a “guest of the hotel only” venue that strangely gives the effect of being on a cruise ship.
Maybe it’s the giant pool overlooking the ocean or all the fancy champers but I realised there and then that I would be doing this again!
The hotel has an in house gym with a heated pool and Africology spa branch right there, which spells RELAXATION in my books and with all life’s hardships we could all do with that.

We took a tour of the boardwalk complex, and I learnt that their casino is actually a lot of fun (I’ve never been, always thought of it as old aunties chain smoking and throwing away their grant money – what? I’m honest ). The casino is actually all about responsible gambling though. A lot of people go there as an adult version of a games arcade and the place with it’s waiters at your beck and call and MVP area (where MVP’s get special perks and are protected from us commoners, hehe)  makes you feel Las Vegas’ish and is really actually quite fun.
Everything is automated and there are staff members who are willing to help when the buttons and flashing lights get a little much.

Instead of our usual kid friendly restaurant at the Boardwalk we visited Coast, turns out Coast and Craft are run by the same team that run Kipling’s Brasserie in the Boardwalk hotel. No wonder their food was so good. Do yourself a favour and try the seafood starter for two , so yum!

Another thing that is so yum and that I’m quite annoyed nobody ever told me about is the ice-cream at Le Vino!!!
I tasted champagne and grapefruit , pina-colada and merlot flavoured ice-creams with Merlot coming out tops in my books!
It’s a great treat to have while listening to the talented performers near the casino entrance.

We had such a blast adulting at the boardwalk and I even came to find (I’m late I know) that they have child care facilities right there so if I ever needed Aidan watched for an bit, because I was there for a business meeting, I could do that easily!
Who knew the place I go to feel like a kid was so great for being an adult

*I did not pay for my stay as it was included in event package but all opinions are my own

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