When we #sharethebay, quite literally

You may have noticed that I like to #sharethebay. Meaning I like to show off the city in blog posts and social media…I’m proudly NMB and the #ECMeetup proves that there is much to be proud of.

Since day one, when Lu and I decided to give this blogger meetup thing a go, we have been embraced and supported by the city. She talks about our day one homies (nope I am definitely not street enough to make that work) over on her blog today. Meanwhile, I want to chat about the new guys…

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The ultimate baby accessory with Kidcoco (win win win)

Kidcoco is one of our favourite local brands and I amย  beyond chuffed to have them on board for the bumper Christmas competition.

If you look carefully at the picture of Liam above you will note that he is wearing an Amber teething necklace. Aidan and Caleb both wore them and although I couldn’t tell you the science behind them if I was on a game show with a car up for grabs, I really believe in these things.

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