The ultimate baby accessory with Kidcoco (win win win)

Kidcoco is one of our favourite local brands and I am  beyond chuffed to have them on board for the bumper Christmas competition.

If you look carefully at the picture of Liam above you will note that he is wearing an Amber teething necklace. Aidan and Caleb both wore them and although I couldn’t tell you the science behind them if I was on a game show with a car up for grabs, I really believe in these things.

Maybe it’s a placebo effect? Maybe they would never have had teething problems anyway? Who knows? All I know is that all three boys wore them and we have managed to avoid most of the teething horror stories. I’m told it works because;” Amber has natural pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties”

Well you can win one of these for the little one in your life. thanks to Kidcoco.

Kidcoco owner, Salma Abrahams will be celebrating her first year in business soon, although the idea has been a few years in the making .

“I love kids, and I love kids fashion, two of my favourite things. My kids are all grown and independent now, (well kind of). So with more time on my hands I thought why not make this little idea stuck in my head for so long a reality or at least give it a shot”

The business has given Salma way more than she expected , “I have met the most amazing women over the last few months, mostly mums off course. Some I feel like I have known a while , to the extend that we have random chats that has nothing to do with my business at all.”, she jokes

The highlight for her is receiving messages from happy clients and as one of those clients I can attest to her going that extra mile. Every package looks like a beautifully wrapped gift.

Go to Kidcoco’s facebook page and decide what you would like beautifully wrapped and comment below… This will give you the chance to win the beautiful amber necklace and a host of other stocking fillers from ..Rocking Toys , Geek World, Japsnoet, Mari’s Fudge and Brittle , Little Lotus Kids Yoga, The Letter Lady.  Hasbro, Mastertons, Koosh Toosh ,Buburoo and The Beauty Store


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