#EC Meetup – what you can expect

So Luchae (my Spreadsheet Brain) and I have had an unique hurdle to overcome when planning the blog meetup;

The fact that we have never actually been to one. Our day jobs have made sure that we are no strangers to events, be they lavish or understated, but! We haven’t actually attended a blogging meetup.

(Stalking the JHB and CT meetup doesn’t really count, does it?)

That being said, we turned the hurdle into a stepping stone and decided that since we have nothing to compare it to we can’t fail…hehehe BOSS LOGIC.

But seriously, without the fear of “comparing ourselves to; who did what previously” we have built the event around what we want as bloggers!

The first picture that popped into my mind was a coffee shop with a ton of laptops and lattes to hide behind, as we avoid eye contact and take instagram pictures of our carb free scones (#bloggerlove) BUT what we ended up with is…..

– A beautiful breakfast at THE BOMA (all the better to instagram honey)
– Two tweet worthy speakers; Local blogging success story Megan Kelly Botha (Luchae chats about her one her blog today…do check it out) and digital editor and social marketing guru Dorette De Swardt.
– Tag worthy pictures from MoFirefly photography.
– Opportunity to meet other bloggers
– Info booklets with tips and contacts so we can stay intouch
– Swoonworthy Prizes from awesome sponsors and
– goodybags that will have you #blessed…

I’m very excited! and we already have less than 20 of our 30 tickets still available so do not miss out.

Shay and I have truly stepped out of our comfort zones to bring you this so here’s hoping you will ditch the morning lay in on May 14 and join us 🙂

For more information or to book, please contact Luchae or Myself

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