Thanking teachers at the end of the year

The year is rapidly drawing to a close… This is the first time Aidan has been “at school” not surprisingly as he is only 19months old, hehe. His educare teachers have been so amazing with him and we have gone from tears as you walk away to a wave goodbye.
They embrace his individuality and have all the patience in the world with him.  Having grown up with a lot of teachers in my life – I’m pretty sure I know even more now – I know that it can be a thankless job so I thought it might be fun to give them a little something to say that we recognize their hard work and appreciate it…  Here are some ideas I found on the interweb… click on the picture for link….
This one is so cute but a little tricky if you don’t know the teachers dietary requirements.
Don’t want to be the one who poisoned the teacher with the nut allergy…oops
This is great if you have more than one teacher to thank, ALSO I can’t resist a pun
I would opt to put a class picture in this, with the date…because an individual photo would put unnecessary stress on the teacher “Teacher why is only Aidan in your frame, where is my picture”
Because you cant go wrong with stationery…and I love puns
Both these containers made from pencils/crayons can brighten anyone’s desk and they are so simple to make
You can’t go wrong with a little handbag essential like this…

I have not included what I will be gifting, simply because I haven’t put it together yet  and it would be kinda awkward if they read it here, hehe 🙂

Do you give teacher appreciation gifts? What is your go to?

3 thoughts on “Thanking teachers at the end of the year

  1. Heather says:

    These are some great ideas, Eleanor. I used to be a teacher and used to get some nice stuff, lots of smellies. I also loved stationery, and these are some creative ways to present them.

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