The “Wonders” of motherhood

I’ve often heard people talk about the wonders of motherhood and I think I finally “get it” I know why it is referred to as the wonders of motherhood

Because I often

– Wonder when I will get to decide my own bedtime again
– Wonder if I will ever get my body back
– Wonder what the mystery stain on my clothes are
– Wonder why someone would turn their nose up at my cooking but happily eat play dough
– Wonder why the cat is afraid of my one-year-old
– Wonder if I will ever be able to leave the house on a whim again
– Wonder when he got so heavy
– Wonder if babies don’t come with mute buttons
– Wonder why I need to pick little stones and sticks out of his hair at night…

– mostly Wonder how I ever lived without my little busy body

Soooo blessed

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