This weekend we…

So we take Aidan to a restuarant with awesome play area and he goes for play dough, REALLY! 
Aidan starts day care again today so I stocked the snack cupboard, it makes for easier mornings
The staples are, cracker bread (dry please) , these little gluten free crackers he likes , kinda like goldfish crackers (he has no problem with gluten just loves them) plain pretzel sticks and laughing cow cheese wedges to dip them in,  safari fruit sticks, raisins, and squish veg puree oh and these tiny little 100% juice boxes and on a Saturday he gets Oreos with his milk, we share those little packs,it’s become our thing πŸ™‚ and a calorie shared…..
Had a very emotional weekend…my stars feel out of sync I think… Rob got me a little car package, gotta love the man even if he chooses to ignore diets πŸ™‚
Aidan helped me make a birthday card for my sister/his Godmother
I just LOVE beautifully packaged gifts LOVE IT… the brown paper is for my friend Trudy’s daughter and the card and glass jar filled with goodies for my sister
Aidan decided he wanted to get into the crib after months of wanting nothing to do with it…
It’s Caleb’s now so lets see how that plays out
We did a sundae bar for my sisters birthday πŸ™‚

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