Toddler tips (&recipes) for the sick and tired

As many of you know,  I work in an office, three days a week, this week it was office Monday to Wednesday and from home Thur and Friday. This Thursday the flu fairy came and hit all three of us with it’s wand, good and proper. So I found myself feeling horrid, with a bunch of sewing and a cranky, sick toddler who wanted attention… These are some of the things I did to keep him busy and give him some mommy time between tasks…
If you follow me on INSTAGRAM,FACEBOOK or TWITTER you might have seen one or two of these, but these are my sick toddler hacks:

Trick them into healthy eating:

easy cookies
We made these based on THIS recipe but with macadamia nut butter
Just mix a cup of the nut butter an egg and 6 table spoons of sugar and bake for 10min
I decorated with melted dark chocolate


yogurt pops
We also made “ice-cream” because he saw the moulds while we were at clicks pharmacy
and I thought why not
I just filled the moulds with yogurt straight from the tub and froze…
quite yum and he actually ate it, go mom


Keep them busy

toddler tricks
To buy myself some sewing time I glued a magnet to a craft stick
Popped a few coins out of his money box and made a game out of “fishing for money”


scissor tip
I let him practice his cutting with a pair of bladeless scissors (from woolies) and play dough
it is easy to cut and recut and he loved it… “Aidy do it self mommy”


The rest of the time I just put him to work or locked him in the car 🙂
*I’m kidding don’t kill me

Please comment with your tricks for entertaining your sick toddler and for getting healthy food in them when eating sounds like a punishment to them.
Have a great day and ya’ll come back now you hear, 🙂

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