My confession…what’s yours?


I stand in the kitchen with my heart beating in my throat, my breathing is shallow and there is this knot in the pit of my stomach which I can not shake.


I hold on to the knife, trembling, all the while not taking my eyes off him, I smile, he smiles back and I tell myself things will be okay.


He has no idea of what I have planned, how could he? I took the greatest care in keeping my plan secret, I did not change our routine in the slightest , he has no reason to suspect a thing, but I can’t shake this feeling of trepidation.


I reach for the container, keeping it from his sight, I skillfully slip its contents into his food. He looks up as if to say he knows something is up. I hand the plate to him and he takes a bite.


I stop breathing for a moment, “he is going to know something is up”, my planning, my research, it’s all about to fall flat.  He takes another bite as I try to act casual, “breath just breath”.


Suddenly the jig is up, he must have noticed something is amiss as he looks straight at me and says… “yucky mommy don’t want”

Okay so maybe my description of life with a picky eater is a little dramatic 😉
But seriously the fact that my son is seemingly never hungry is really getting to me!
I feel like such a failure with every plate of food that goes untouched, with ever plan that fails I wonder what I’m doing wrong:(

This is my mommy confession, I can’t get my child to eat much more than provita, yogurt and apples…despite doing the whole “he will eat when he is hungry, don’t cook separate meals” thing

What is your confession? what do you struggle with?

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8 thoughts on “My confession…what’s yours?

  1. Tyranny of Pink says:

    HAHAHAH I was practically holding my breath. My husband is one of those picky eaters… after 6 years together I'm still trying to convince him that fruit is a real thing and no it's not gross! FRUIT!! lol I feel your pain!

  2. Laverne Vermeulen says:

    Let me tell you a Joke. My husband hates sweet potato so I made a meal with sweet potatoes (the orange ones) and I aid nothing and My husband ay to me thee carrot are delish. I say nothing until after he washed the dishes. He was so mad and insists he still hates sweet potatoes and I must NOT trick him again WTF

  3. Melissa Javan says:

    Very dramatic – but I get you, I felt bad when Hubby told me our kid didn’t eat any food during the day, only drank her milk bottles. What’s wrong I ask, start fussing. Then the evening she ate a lot of warm chips (fries) with us. Phew **relief again

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