Make your own little drawstring busy bags

I am definitely one of those moms who always has a toy in her bag, for “just incase”
I make double sure to take a little busy bag along to church, the doctor, restaurants and on visits because expecting him to sit still in those settings is just not sane I tell you! 
I’ve been using ziplock bags to shove puzzles, cars or crayons into, but I needed a more ecofriendly solution… so in comes my little drawstring busy bags made from an old t-shirt:
– An old t-shirt…I used a faded baby one
– scissors
– twine/ribbon/string
– needle and thread


1.  Cut under the sleeves and then down the centre
2.  Turn piece you have cut off, inside out
3.  Sew sides and bottom, using a basic stitch (I only know basic stiches, lol) do not sew closed the seam part
4.  Attach your twine/string/ribbon to a hair pin and lace it through the seam
5. It really is as easy as that 🙂

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