Up up and away…

Dig within. Within is the wellspring of Good; and it is always ready to bubble up, if you just dig.
Marcus Aurelius

Today is the end of an era, I’m saying goodbye to my job as lifestyle reporter and hello to a life as “Production supervisor, freelance journo, amateur photographer and blogger” (sounds impressive doesn’t it-I’m trying to cheer myself up).
I’m feeling a little sad, it’s been almost three years and through tears and fears I have loved it, the events, the trips and even the deadlines, but hey you have to keep growing in life.
So wish me luck from here on out, I feel good things a coming!

List of things I hope the near future holds (in random, first ten things that come to me order)
— Get a new car, our old jalopy is not a fan of us of late
— Go on an international trip with Rob, I have never even been on a plane with him so really wanna
— Get my drivers licence. Im soooo embarrassed that I still don’t have it, I just keep failing it’s like this thing in my life I just cant do and it eats at me!!! I can drive pretty well I’m told, but every time i do the test I get so nervous I can hardly think (hit the examinor with my door the last time), this is like the bane of my existence (and every time some1 asks, “so when you getting your licence?”, I want to throttle them) it doesn’t help that it’s quite a pricey thing to do – Damn I’m starting to feel like Sponge Bob or Sheldon on Big Bang Theory🙁
— Get to grips with this clinical depression thing, think I’m getting there on this one.
— Have a baby, well this is not next week or anything, but I can see a baby in my future
— Fix up our place, we very much doing this at the moment and as we have decided to stay for another 3 or so years it’s important to be comfy
— Buy a house. We still saving for this one hence the staying where we are now thing
— Grow my blog. I’ve been having a blast and wanna continue
— Get a new camera and focus on my photography a bit more, join a photography club maybe
— Get into shape, but try not to obsess about my weight so much, this one is a little easier said than done

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!

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