Downtime does not mean defeat

I’m on forced Downtime, on sick leave of sorts – well I’m not under anyone’s full -time employ so it’s more that I’ve had to cancel commitments, canceled freelance shifts, moved meetings and so on. And with freelancing comes the dreaded no work no pay thing.

It is soooo difficult to switch off OMW! It has always been difficult for me to take sick days, I always feel so guilty that other people have to pick up the slack for something I had committed to. It started at school days my dad especially practically wanted a coroner’s report before I could call in sick.  And they would make me do homework buddy, “if you have time to lean you have time to clean” – or in this case, you can do spelling in bed.

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The adult brats epidemic…don’t be a statistic

I had this idea about writing how teachers are the most undervalued in society how parents can be so demanding and plain out ridiculous. Then I thought actually cops have to deal with a lot of ungratefulness too, oh and cashiers, oh and the media, flip “the media” is to blame for everything.

Then there are waiters and municipal employees and the list got so long I had to tear it up and start a new list…A list with one thing on…what is making society so annoying?…bratty people that’s it.

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