Ways to find inspiration for blog and business

I’ve been struggling with inspiration as a whole recently  like I have so much that needs to be done so I do nothing. I chatted to my friend Amelia from Suddenly a Mom as she is a entrepreneur and a blogger and always has a thousand things on her to do list and she actually ticks things off. She was super helpful and has agreed to do a guest post for us…. It is super helpful…see below

(PS. Her tips are  geared for Nelson Mandela Bay but the tips are easily transferable)



Finding inspiration to work is a funny thing. It goes beyond a pay check. When I worked for other companies, my salary didn’t motivate me to WANT to work during slumps in my inspiration. It just motivated me to look busier when my boss walked by.  Now, as a freelance writer that depends on my inspiration for 1) quality work and 2) money, it’s crucial that I stay inspired. Well, crucial if I want to eat and pay for petrol.


Working women in Port Elizabeth have a world of inspiring resources at their hands (click here for a comprehensive list of ideas) and indulging in these is sure to clear the mind, lift the spirits, and get the juices flowing more freely, no matter what industry or position you’re in.


Some ideas:


  1. Walk on the beach – PE has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The long sandy stretches and warm waters of Kings Beach, Pollock Beach and Sardinia Bay are sure to invigorate the mind and ease frazzled nerves.
  2. Take a break – find a quiet bench under the trees at St George’s Park or watch the comings and goings of people on The Donkin against the backdrop of gorgeous views for a real escape for the mind.
  3. Volunteer – whether you help wash the penguins at SAMREC, walk dogs at Save-a-Pet, or take a group of children to Happy Valley, helping others and spending time with those that can’t return the favour is food for the soul.
  4. Get active – walk, run or cycle one of the trails in or around the Friendly City for a boost to your immune system, an injection of serotonin, and a liberal dose of fresh air and sunshine. The Sacramento Trail (Schoenmakerskop), Roseate Tern Trail (through the Cape Recife Nature Reserve), Lower Guinea Fowl Hiking Trail (Baakens Valley) and the trails through the stunning Van Stadens Wild Flower Reserve are musts.
  5. Get cultural – there are awesome cultural and historical attractions in PE. One of these is the library in Govan Mbeki Street. The building dates back to 1835 and it is full of charm and legend, in addition to a massive collection of inspiring books. Other popular attractions include the South End Museum, Red Location Museum, and the Donkin Heritage Trail.
  6. Talk – meeting and getting to know other working women helps to put things into perspective, have a sounding board and get feedback and ideas. Join forums or Facebook groups of professional women around you and make an effort to attend events at which you can network. Keep your interactions with these women positive and optimistic.
  7. Write – I’m a big believer in the power of writing to cement an objective in your mind. So, instead of just thinking about what you could and should do to feel more motivated, write down specific goals and time frames for each so that they become real and reachable.

Recognising that inspiration isn’t just some sort of enlightenment that magically appears (and disappears) is vital. Rather, it’s a real concept that we can work on finding and growing. This gives the power back to us when we feel like we’ve lost our mojo.

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