5 ways to update your little boy’s winter wardrobe

I have been looking at ways to update my boy’s winter wardrobe. The child is growing like a weed (at 5-years-old his feet practically hang on the ground when I have to carry him) so I don’t want to buy too much because he is not likely to wear it for very long. But it’s cold out here and also since he was little I have liked to play dress-up with my kid so I called in an expert.

Jill Oppelt Theunissen of Lil Punk Boutique specialises in boys wear. Well, she has two preschool aged sons so she specialises in boys everywhere (indulge me and my boring jokes). She has branched out and has the cutest girl things as well….seriously check out the Lil Punk Instagram feed. but for now… here are tips for the little boys.

Ideas to spruce up your boy’s winter wardrobe.


  1. Camo, camo, camo. So very in for winter

This blue camo inspired top is from Mr Price

Aidans favourite Lil Punk hoodie is lined with camo print to go with the trend without going overboard

2. Cute bomber jackets. These are all the rage right now from gorgeous floral prints for moms and girls and the boys are very much included as well. Lil Punk will release a small range within the next month.

  1. Hi tops and leggings. Leggings are not just for girls. Fun plain and printed legging are perfect for warmer winter days and pair them with a long tee or sweater and some high tops and you’re ready to go.


These leather look harem leggings are part of Aidans Lil Punk birthday outfit. super cute with his hightops


  1. Accessories. Chunky scarves and beanies, sunglasses and even fashion watches are all in for kids this season.

This reversible beanie by Lil Punk adds a little something to his look

6. My favorite – mom and kids sets. Who doesn’t  love being matchy matchy. If hubby won’t do it, the kids will love it.

  • A big thank you to Jill for her tips, what boy’s fashion looks are you loving this season?



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