100th post

This is officially my 100th post, I cant believe I have found 100 random things to say in just over two months. I started out just wanting an outlet for all the creative energy I had (us creative types need to be careful or we freak out or burn out) I was kinda scared that I wouldn’t have anything of importance to share, and mostly I was right hehehe, but it was still fun, just posting not knowing if someone will even see what I wrote. My comment section is still buggered up so mostly I have people commenting on twitter and facebook, which is cool, but I wont lie, Id love some interaction on the actual blog. To date I have had almost 1850 views (well aware that 300 of those could be from me) but none the less it’s great to know that somewhere out there someone is listening to me ramble on and looking at the pictures I take and find.
I intend to keep on posting, sharing and growing thanks soooo much for making me feel like there is someone out there sharing in life’s little moments with me.

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