Day 3 for being thankful

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Today I’m Thankful for friends,colleagues and acquaintances – I have truly been supported from the word go. All the friends popping in, physically or through technology has meant a lot.
I have noticed some friends pull away though, but I do not blame them for a second, I figure they just don’t know what to say. Quite frankly if the roles were reversed I wouldn’t know what to say either.
Everyone knows how much Logan means to Rob and I, we never hid that. So what do you say when a friends lose their pride and joy before his life could actually begin? I don’t even know and I’m “the friend”
As long as I’m not told to get over it or that my life will forever be shrouded in sadness (both comments I have received) I’m ok with anything you say or even just a smile, just knowing you care.
A special thanx goes to a group of women I am yet to meet in person. You know who you are, as mothers of angels you have shown me ways to survive this dark time. Thank you for being there to talk to when I’m not sure what to make of my feelings, since I can’t have Logan in my arms, you have shown me how to keep him in my heart and through your day to day lives I know that like you, I am forever altered, but not broken πŸ™‚

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