16 months already?!?

Aidan is 16 months today- just this weekend someone asked me how old he was and I had to do the math in my head (I can’t do math, in my head or otherwise) and it made me realise I haven’t done an update in ages so here goes. . . 

APPEARANCE:  I actually don’t know his height and weight – bad mom, sis on you – up until very recently I thought of him as a shorty (like his mom) but people commenting things like…”sheesh what do you feed him”, “you are telling me he is not two yet”, “what a big kid” , make me think otherwise – his dad’s genes are certainly making an impact.

PERSONALITY: He is the friendliest most open kid. Socialises very well (breaks my heart that other kids often don’t socialise all that well with him, that sad “mommy why wont they play with me” look breaks me every time) He is super busy, and babbles non stop it’s like he runs on solar energy and we are in a desert, NO JOKES

HE CAN NOW:  Run, well he thinks he can. He also understands what we say pretty well, so you can tell him to do things like “bring mommy the remote” and “don’t lick the cat” . . .  his vocab improves daily…it is so cute to hear his little phrases. “Don’t going Daddy” (his grammar stinks, hehehe)

LOVES: torturing the poor cat, I found some of his toys in a tree so I think this cat is set on revenge…he actually used Aidan’s play area as a toilet after Aidan tried to hit him with a chair…Don’t worry SPCA I stopped it immediately after watching Aidan run after the cat with a plastic chair for a leetle bit it was sooooooooo funny, I mean it wasn’t funny at all

DISLIKES: Eating and sleeping – This has not changed!!!! he doesn’t eat or sleep….solar energy I tell you
MOM:  planning for his first day of daycare….oooooh I see tears on the horizon – Aidan might be a little sad too

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