20 facts about me challenge…

Luchae Williams who blogs over HERE  challenged me to list 20 facts about me…its technically a facebook challenge, but I feel more comfortable doing it over here… (also I’m suffering from insomnia tonight)  so here goes:
1. I’m very family orientated     
2. I hum/sing when I’m sad
3. I love singing and think i have a good voice, but am reluctant to perform in front of people in case they hate my singing and “take that from me”                                     
4. God plays a big part in my life
5. I never wear shoes at home         
6. I wear a size 3 and buy my sneakers in kiddies department  – much cheaper but looks the same  
7. The only time I’m not ridiculously clumsy is when I have Aidan in my arms
8. I was afraid to change Aidan’s nappy because “he is a boy”           
9. I blush at the drop of a hat
10. I really love learning new things and gaining new skills – love it
11. I think the best feeling in the world is being responsible for someone else’s happiness
12. I prefer comedy because I think real life has enough drama
13. It broke my heart that I lost friends due to how I handled the loss of my son 
14. I sometimes have nightmares about losing Logan    
15. I love beautiful notebooks but sometimes can’t bring myself to write in them for fear of spoiling them
16. I babble when I’m nervous and say stupid things I almost always regret right afterwards         
17. The biggest compliment I ever received was when the  editor of Argentina Vogue mistook me for a model in Brazil (then I stood up . hahaha back in my skinny days)     
18. I’m a chronic over thinker
19. I’m pretty social awkward and have to talk myself into social situations
20. My next tattoo sums up my life “born of fire and faith” also Aidan means  born of fire   

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