6months!!! Whoop Whoop!

Aidan is now a 6month old! Wowzer! Sadly my update comes with only this bad quality pic…I blog from my phone which has decided to opt out of doing anything helpful…As dying when someone takes a pic, is not helpful

Here is this month’s catch up;

APPEARANCE: Aidan is a big boy with wavy/curly hair that is loooong in some places and nonexistent in others. His eyes seem to be a dark hazel that changes and he is looking a lot like my dad these days, well a mix of his dad and mine

PERSONALITY: He is such a delight this child, always laughing and chatting and wanting to play (most games end with toy get into my mouth) He is quite “empathetic” and cries if any other baby cries. He moans after toys sometimes and wants to just touch EVERYTHING!!! Its becoming increasingly difficult to hold him

ROUTINE: He is awake much of the day now and if he is not racing around in his walker, throwing things off his high chair or trying to crawl, shame he really wants to crawl but cant seem to get arms and feet going at the same time

LOVES: Activity, and people and chatting and touching everything , we are baby proofing like crazy now

DISLIKES: Bed time and being restricted

MOM: Can’t believe her luck

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