Brag book: Not a baby anymore

So last night Aidan was sitting in the corner with his favourite truck making “car noises” as he pushed it up and down and you know what? I cried!!!
Maybe it’s because Logan was due early June or because Aidan is growing so fast or even more likely, because I’m certifiable…. regardless of the reason, the result was tears.
He walks now, all over the show…a vast improvement from THIS VIDEO but JUST as cute.  He is rapidly approaching (might have arrived and I’m just in denial) that “not a baby any more” stage and I’m all torn up about it.
 I’m proud as heck don’t get me wrong;  He toddles over to the bathroom when we tell him it’s time to brush his teeth and insists on sharing his bottle with  SCOUT (a teddy that is personalised with Aidan’s name and favourite things and which interacts with him) he can even press the buttons and make Scout sing and talk without my help.
He will pick up a crayon/pen/a stick even  and ask for a page (pashe). He believes all balls need to be kicked and that he can argue his way out of a disagreement.
ME: “Aidan get away from the fridge”
HIM: “mama don’t *words I don’t understand* *various hand gestures* no don’t” and then opens fridge.
He is strong willed and  no longer wants to be carried (us walking people don’t do that – unless we are tired then mom isn’t allowed to put us down).
He thinks outside the box this kid, like when I asked him a couple of months ago where the light is and was concerned that unlike other kids he didn’t point at the light, he pointed at the wall, but pretty soon I realised what he was pointing at was the light switch.
Or just last night when I asked him to “Show daddy how Scout sings” expecting him to press the teddy’s hand and get it to sing, but instead I was met with Aidan “showing how Scout sings” by mimicking what the teddy did earlier, and breaking out in song himself.
He is such a joy and I love watching him grow, but I won’t lie . . . sometimes, just sometimes I miss baby Aidan

My lil 10 month old

Can’t believe we are here already!!! Aidan has grown so beautifully and is such a little blessing

APPEARANCE:  He is a 10kgs, 75cm curly haired cherub.

PERSONALITY: Aidan is still crazy busy. He is friendly and loves to explore. He is also pretty sneaky, like if you catch him putting something he shouldn’t have in his mouth he will look at you with innocent eyes and pass it to you like it was his plan all along. He is turning out to be such a picky eater, every day is a fight to get him to eat anything other than yogurt and otees.

HE CAN NOW: Crawls everywhere, can climb up stairs even. Still only walks against furniture. Aidan can pack and unpack-he tends to focus on unpack though.

LOVES: the outdoors and exploring. Also can’t get enough of books and can play with blocks for ages.

DISLIKES: Eating and sleeping – the two things I thought came standard with babies

MOM:  planning his first birthday already 🙂

Brag book:look what I made,hehehehe

Every now and again every mom wants to just be like, ooooooh look at my cute kid! soooo LOOK AT MY CUTE KID 🙂
Even though he exhausts me, has wayyyy too much energy,doesn’t sleep and can even throw tantrums, I could not love him more if I tried so I thought I’d share some of my recent favourite pics….

Rare sighting of a sleeping Aidan

Get me out of here

Ohhhh I’m so crafty I made a person (saw that on pinterest and thought it was cute)

7 months and counting

Aidan and his bday buddy Lilitha are 7 months today, how time flies!

Wow can’t believe how big he is now
APPEARANCE:  The jury is still out regarding who he looks like , but I think he is just the cutest thing, all cheeks and eyes

PERSONALITY: Aidan is soooooo busy and he is getting “naughty”, tests the waters by crying for stuff but in general he is such a pleasure. He responds to music now too, and drums along to any tune playing or even when you sing (this includes lullabies, unfortunately)and he dances and sings too, very cute!

ROUTINE:  He sleeps less plays wayyyyy more and is such a danger to himself, thinks he can stand so will pull himself up against things, but since he isn’t strong enough yet you have to watch him like a hawk- he is also learning to crawl, give him a week or so and you wont be able to stop him!

LOVES: rolling around and banging everything , my lil musical prodigy 😉 – feel like he needs a drum for Christmas , but I in fact don’t need him to have one, hehehe

DISLIKES: Sleep! Still doesn’t want to sleep, ever! Also doesn’t like having to wear clothes

MOM:  Feels super guilty for him falling off the bed yesterday. Shame man, he seems great though, very resilient, I’m the one still in shock.

Snappy chappy

It occurred to me that although I LOVE taking photos especially of young kids (in a non-freaky way) I haven’t taken pictures of Aidan, quite silly really that I haven’t  (all my stalker mommy camera pics aside) So this weekend, before heading out to lunch with “my boys” I perched Aidan on our stoop and took a few pictures with his aunt/my sister standing close-by as he sits very well but has this weird tendency to just throw himself back at random times. Aidan ended up picking up a stick from the ground and trying to stick it in his mouth…(as seen in picture) he can not be trusted this little one.
Anyway the point is, Aidan was happy to play model for me and  this is the result
J Happy Monday all

6months!!! Whoop Whoop!

Aidan is now a 6month old! Wowzer! Sadly my update comes with only this bad quality pic…I blog from my phone which has decided to opt out of doing anything helpful…As dying when someone takes a pic, is not helpful

Here is this month’s catch up;

APPEARANCE: Aidan is a big boy with wavy/curly hair that is loooong in some places and nonexistent in others. His eyes seem to be a dark hazel that changes and he is looking a lot like my dad these days, well a mix of his dad and mine

PERSONALITY: He is such a delight this child, always laughing and chatting and wanting to play (most games end with toy get into my mouth) He is quite “empathetic” and cries if any other baby cries. He moans after toys sometimes and wants to just touch EVERYTHING!!! Its becoming increasingly difficult to hold him

ROUTINE: He is awake much of the day now and if he is not racing around in his walker, throwing things off his high chair or trying to crawl, shame he really wants to crawl but cant seem to get arms and feet going at the same time

LOVES: Activity, and people and chatting and touching everything , we are baby proofing like crazy now

DISLIKES: Bed time and being restricted

MOM: Can’t believe her luck