A candid chat with Belinda Davids (The PE born singer who famously impressed Simon Cowell)

South African-born singer, Belinda Davids, shone on the stage of reality TV show, Britain’s Got Talent (BGT), recently. Being a fan and having interviewed her before I simply had to congratulate her and use the opportunity to chat to her about everything from performing for the BGT judges to BLM and Corona fatigue.

Due to COVID-19, BGT producers have been forced to delay production on the remainder of the show, so judges are yet to reveal whether Davids has advanced to the next round or not. She did however get Simon Cowell’s vote referring to her performance as, “ the audition we’d been waiting for all season.” Here are some questions the remarkable singer answered for me.

You mentioned that you entered BGT to further your career, is this in an effort to be seen as more than an incredibly talented cover artist?

Yes it is most definitely to be seen as more than just a cover artist. I want people to see me as Belinda Davids – the artist. Throughout my entire life and career, I have been doing other artist and songwriters music I think it’s time for me and my own music to step into the spotlight  

Racial issues are once again at the forefront of the media, do you ever feel pressured to perform or work extra hard as a woman of colour?

It’s a really sad and sensitive time right now, why are we still fighting racism, I have been fighting as a woman of colour, to be seen not just as an artist but just as a woman of colour who works hard, why do we {people of colour} have to work so hard to get validated. I am a coloured woman with two coloured boys who still have to prove myself. SAD but true. 

I saw that you took part in #blackoutTuesday. How important do you think it is for people in the public eye to lend their voices to causes like this

It’s very important, we need to raise awareness to what is going on. We need to be for each other, it starts with Love and kindness, we are not born with Racism, it’s taught. It needs to end. 

How has Covid-19 changed your work and home schedule?

I’m home with my babies, precious time, valuable time. I’m also preparing for the future. Not sitting still at all. Of course tours for The Greatest Love of All show – starring Belinda Davids have been cancelled for the rest of 2020, but my life has to go on, I’m not going to stop cos COVID 19 said so. I have to come out of this a little better.  

Do you have tips for dealing with Covid-19 induced work anxiety? 

Stay safe, follow the rules and regulations, they are there for a reason. My Morning online yoga sessions are keeping sane, eating healthy, building your immune system, and meditating. Believe you me you don’t need a mat to meditate, just taking time in the morning before you walk about your door. Helps, AND PRAY!! 

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