Butternut and sweet potato soup

It’s officially soup season so I thought I’d share out butternut and sweet potato soup recipe with you guys because it is so easy and inexpensive and if you double this recipe you can feed an army.

This vegetarian soup can be made vegan by using olive oil instead of butter and coconut milk instead of cream.

What you need

1. One large butternut

 2. One large sweet potato or two smaller ones 

3. One onion (we go half red half white but that’s just because we are extra like that)

 4. Pat of butter. 

5. Cup of vegetable stock (a stock cube i water is fine)

 6. 1/2 cup cream or coconut milk

7. Cinnamon to taste

What you do

Half butternut and sweet potatoes and roast with olive oil and salt.

Fry some onions in butter untill brown.

Add cup of vegetables stock.Cook together.

Scoop vegetables into the pot. 

Add cream/coconut milk.

Cook on medium heat. 

Blend using a hand blender and add cinnamon to taste.

(I serve mine with yummy crispy onions)

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